The Milwaukee Kappa League is a program operated and funded by the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Southeastern Wisconsin. The program's mission is to provide educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged and/or underrepresented minority males, primarily, African American high school youth. In so doing, it integrates college-readiness, mentorship, service initiatives and leadership principles to foster academic success and personal development. 

Since 2003, the Milwaukee Kappa League has successfully supported over 100 young men in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The Milwaukee Kappa League seeks to create educational opportunities for academically motivated high school males who have few alternatives to underperforming schools in their neighborhoods. In addition, the Milwaukee Kappa League incorporates global awareness, mentoring, Academic Enrichment, College Readiness, Tutoring and Study Skills, and Leadership Development programs to achieve its goals. 

All activities and programs are taken from one or more of the following phases: •Phase I – Self Identity •Phase II – Training •Phase III – Competition •Phase IV – Social •Phase V – Health Education. 

​If you know of any high school young men who would benefit from our programs, please contact:

Kim Robinson, Director

Alan Goodman, Co-Director