Guide Right/ Kappa League Guide Right Founded between the years of 1921-1922, by Brother Leon W. Stewart, of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., The Guide Right Program became the Fraternity's National Service Program. The purpose of the Guide Right Service Program was designed to train, develop and motivate the interest of successful young men at the disposal of youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding the choice of a life's career, and to arouse the interest of the en tire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize a life of usefulness. The five national Guide Right objectives are summarized as follows:

To help youth, especially those of high school age, in their selections of college courses leading to their occupation's compatible with their talents and personalities.

To assist students, while they are in training/development, for employment, and to progress successfully within their chosen fields.

To assist parents in the handling of their young men by giving them opportunity to speak with mentors to talk over life's obstacles, and challenges from professional Kappa Men, who know and are successful in their chosen occupations.

To support the youth away from the violence of the streets, through sponsored entertainment and culture enrichment.

To inform youth of the values of higher education, of assistance available for continued educational pursuits, scholarship, loan, professional counseling and fellowship; of various occupational and professional opportunities and of current labor market and requirements for obtaining employment. Kappa League Kappa League is a national program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6th-12th. The nucleus and primary focus of the Kappa League revolves around the "Five Phases" which are: 

Self-Identity, Discipline, Assurance, Awareness, and Appearance. Training Academic, Career-Choice, Preparation, and Organization Competition Politics, Career Advancement, and Sports Social Religion, The Arts, Entertainment, Conversation/Communication, and Etiquette/Manners Health Education Physical Fitness, Sex Education, Drug Education, and Health and Safety.

In 2002, the Milwaukee Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., combined the Guide Right Program and Kappa League Programs, to reach students from grades 8-12 all year-round. It embodies all aspects of the National Program with specific emphasis on leadership development and self-motivation for college as well as career achievement.
"It takes a community to raise a child". Well it takes that same community to help make change for the better. The Milwaukee Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. has developed a committee within our local chapter to address these needs. The Kappa Outreach Program’s tries to do just that by focusing on a few key points:

• We must embrace, assist, and partner with other community organizations to help improve the quality of our communities and those that live in them. Wemust create publicity and press around positive activities and events by communicating such happenings to the media. We must promote and host fundraising activities that help finance scholarships provided to individuals in our Guide Right Program.

• We must promote and host fundraising activities that help finance other organizations as they work to achieve their goals and objectives. This is not something that will ever outgrow its usefulness or importance. The issues this program will address are issues that are ongoing for generations to come. However, if we can improve and increase upon our involvement and make sure to help individuals and other organizations improve upon their objectives it can only lead to community growth and well being – and Inspire service in the public interest. 
Community Outreach
Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation 


The Foundation’s mission is to “provide support for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated members, Kappa League and sponsor programs providing community service, social welfare and academic scholarships through the 

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